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Tips and Tricks


Below are some tips and tricks which will make your DogFighting experience alot more enjoyable, that is, if you can remember them when being attacked from all directions! But don't worry, these tips also appear in-game, so you should be able to get the most out of the game... Enjoy!

  • You can view a description of the HUD at any time, by pressing the HUD overlay button ( Scroll Lock)

  • Red pickups contain offensive weapons, blue contain defensive weapons. Most of these are found at ground level

  • Shooting balloons can reveal helpful pickups

  • Flying low will increase the recharge rate on your boost, allowing you to boost for longer periods

  • Purple pickups are activated immediately when collected. Their effects can cripple an enemy team, but be careful as similar fake pickups will have an adverse effect on you!

  • Going down when you want to go up? Go to the controls section on the main menu and check the Invert Y Axis button

  • If using a joystick or gamepad press fire to spawn

  • Playing single player Tournament is a good way to get used to the controls and to be introduced to special modes like Rocket Arena

  • The Black Death pickup will change your craft into a nightmare form, during which period the player is practically indestructible and has greatly increased firepower

  • The duration of the Black Death can be prolonged by an additional 5 seconds, each time you destroy an enemy plane

  • Other than during the Survivor and Free Flight game modes, the Black Death pickup can spawn at any time

  • Remember to use your advanced manoeuvres. They can get you out of a tight spot

  • If using an Xbox 360 controller, it is good to map advanced manoeuvres onto one of Thumbsticks

  • If using an Xbox 360 controller, you can enable Rumble to feel any shooting, damage or collision

  • Using the Engine Disruptor defensive measure will stall enemy engines or remove their shields

  • For a full description of all the game features, visit the Help and Options section of the main menu

  • So you are a good pilot? Go to the controls section of the main menu and select the advanced flight mode option. The advanced flight mode gives you much more freedom, but will not automatically level your craft

  • Reversing your enemy controls is fun. Shoot a balloon to find a Reverse Controls instagrab!

  • Need to repair your aircraft? The balloons also contain various repair pickups. Shoot the balloons to reveal them!

  • Use the Free Flight game mode to get used to the controls. It is a lot safer!

  • If you fly too far away from the play area you will be deemed a coward and will be destroyed

  • Flying high is dangerous! You are more exposed, there are no pickups and there is a chance your engine might stall

  • If you fly too high your engine will stall!

  • Tool Up! Fly low to pick up some weaponry and defense!

  • When you use Invisibility you will remain invisible to the enemy until you take damage or fire your weapons

  • Firing Engine Disruptor will not deactivate the Invisibility ability

  • Various pickups spawn randomly, but will always spawn at the same location

  • Offensive and Defensive pickups will always spawn at the same location

  • Lost your target? Check your radar!

  • When you damage an enemy player, they will be tagged with a yellow arrow until you shoot someone else or they are destroyed

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