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Game Features List


Below are just some of the many features which we packed into DogFighter, which we hope are to your liking. If you feel that DogFighter could do with some added features or tweaking, please head over to our Steam Forums suggestions page and let us know what you are thinking. You never know, you may just see you idea in game if we like it!

Qlue Accordion


Wingblade - Attack Fighter

The Wingblade is a solid all rounder. A jack of all trades - master of none, the Wingblade is a good starting craft for a pilot new to the world of DogFighter.


Samnite - Heavy Attack Fighter

This craft likes nothing better than soaking up damage and laughing at opponents futile attempts to bring it down. A slow moving hulk.


Swift - Strike Fighter

Sacrifices maneuverability for increased engine power. Great boost and great top speed but poor armor. Get in and then get out... FAST!

Fleetfoot - Recon Fighter

Fast and maneuverable but has a very weak boost and low armor. This is a real pilots craft.


Rockwell - Assault Fighter

The acrobat. This craft is incredibly maneuverable with a solid boost. Suffers from decreased armor and overall speed.


 Protofighter - Heavy Attack Fighter

The thug. This craft can take a beating and has enough engine power to move its large mass at speed. It does however suffer from maneuverability issues.

The Black Death

Power. Speed. Agility. It has it all. If you see this craft, get out of there. Only the bravest pilots can take this craft on. However, from time to time, a Black Death power up will appear randomly in a match, enabling you to choose to fly this beast for a limited time, if you are willing and get there first! Every kill you make while flying this aircraft, extends the duration you have it for. Watch as your opponents flee from you, seeking cover where ever they can...

There are several more aircraft within DogFighter, all with varying attributes and suited to all differing style of players - Play the game to check them out! ;)



Offensive Weapons

These are forward firing weapons, which can be picked up randomly around each map. They are colored RED and depending on the number of offensive weapon slots your aircraft has, will be added to your inventory, or just passed over if your slots are already full.

Machine Gun

This is the default weapon for all craft, and fires standard rounds. You spawn with this weapon and cannot run out of ammo.


Vulcan Chaingun

Two Vulcan Chainguns are mounted on either side of the craft and combine great stopping power with a high rate of fire. They are however, less accurate than the standard machine gun.

Viper Railgun

Two Viper Railguns are mounted on either side of the craft. Each weapon fires a high velocity slug capable of taking all but the most heavily armored craft out in one shot. They have quite a long down time between shots, making a careful aim a must.

Bobcat Shotgun

Two Shotguns are mounted on either side of the craft. These weapons are extremely effective at close range, but are less effective in medium to long range skirmishes.

Hellfire Rockets

Hellfire Rockets are fired alternatively from Rocket pods mounted on the craft. They can be fired as fast as the pilot can press the fire button and explode on proximity. Good for covering tunnel entrances and pickup denial.

Seeker Homing Missile

Two high velocity homing missiles can be fired in quick succession before a small reload time. These missiles will track the closest target, be it friend or foe, so care must be taken when firing in populated combat zones.


Annihilator Cluster Rocket

Two slow firing missiles are released and explode on proximity. They have a massive area of effect and can easily destroy the pilot that fires them unless they equip a shield or target enemies at distance.

Defensive Weapons

These are reverse firing weapons or passive weapons used to defend yourself from attack and can be picked up randomly around each map. They are colored BLUE and depending on the number of defensive weapon slots your aircraft has, will be added to your inventory, or just passed over if your slots are already full.


Gives complete protection against ALL incoming fire for a time. Shields do not stop damage taken from colliding with the ground or other aircraft.

Air Mines

This will drop an air-mine that will detonate on close proximity to a target. Good for blocking off tunnels and other tight areas.


Rear Shotgun

This fires a volley of shells backwards from the craft. A good pilot can jump to the rear camera and aim these shots to devastating effect, making this very much like a rear facing Bobcat Shotgun.

Rear Missiles

This is a rear facing bomb launcher that will move in on targets. These bombs explode with low damage but cause a large cloud to form making it very good for making an escape or making a tight area difficult to navigate.

Engine Disruptor

This weapon will stall all enemy engines caught within its blast radius. It will also disable active enemy shields.



This will make the aircraft invisible until it takes damage or fires a weapon.



Insta-grabs are power-ups which take effect immediately as you collect them. All Insta-Grabs are found inside balloons which you first must destroy to reveal the item.

Small Health

Repairs the craft by 25 percent.


Mega Health

Fully repairs the craft and adds an additional 50 percent health.

Reverse Controls

Reverses the controls of all enemy craft for 5 seconds.

Unlimited Boost

Gives the pilot unlimited boost for 10 seconds

Max Speed Increase

Greatly increases the top speed of the aircraft. This speed increase scales with the boost level of your aircraft.


Radar Scrambler

Scrambles all enemy radars for 10 seconds.



Only found within team based game modes, acquiring this pickup will disguise you as the enemy for a few seconds.

Fake Insta-Grabs

Be Careful. Any one of the pickups listed above can have a fake version spawned. These fake versions will have an adverse effect on the craft that activates them.


Game Modes

Single-player Modes


To have any chance of victory, the tutorial is must for all new players of DogFighter. Spend time getting to know the HUD, the weapons, and the flight model before jumping into the action!

Free Flight

This mode gives you a chance to get familiar with the differing environments and aircraft, and will allow you to learn their secrets at your own pace, without a firefight going on around you - it's just you, your aircraft and varying terrains.


Tournament is akin to single player based campaign modes, and is based on the Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Survivor game modes. The players are awarded with medals for completing events on three tiers of difficulty. Can you rise to the top and be deemed a DogFighter Ace?


You are doomed from the get go as this mode has no end level, as the onslaught of enemies just increase in difficulty with each wave. Survival is all about how long you can hung in there before your eventual doom. How many of the enemy you will send to a fiery death before they get to you? How many waves will you survive?


Is a free-for-all of you against a chosen number of bots. Set the bots AI to suit your skill level, and also keep a look out for your stats as you find your skills improving.

Team Deathmatch

Another staple game mode for most multiplayer games. Chose between the red or blue teams, with strategic players being awarded for their team play as the cover their teams back by getting following aircraft off their tale...

Lone Wolf

When you feel that balances teams are not giving you the thrill you require, then Lone Wolf is for you - Pit yourself against 2, or 3, or more, up to 8 bots in the opposing side. Feel the pressure as they systematically hunt you down as a group. You will have no where to hide. How many can you take on!?


Multi-player Modes


In Deathmatch, the objective is simple: Frag-or-be-Fragged. You must rack up as many enemy kills as possible up to reach the Frag Limit before the time runs out. It will be every man for himself. Expect no mercy. None will be given.

Team Deathmatch

In Team Deathmatch, you and your squadron must destroy the enemy as quickly as possible up to the Frag limit or as many as you and your team mates can within the time limit.

Capture The Flag

A team based game mode in which you and your squadron must burst through enemy defenses to acquire the enemy flag, before bringing it back to the safety of your own base. Be warned. If your flag is removed from your base it will be impossible for your team to score.

Wolf Pack

Is the multiplayer version of Lone Wolf where you can play together with other human players in one team against a choosen number of bots, so you can balance the game as you like, making it as difficult or easy as you prefer.






DogFighter originally shipped with 5 environments when released, but has had 2 environments added to it post release with Steam updates, for free! So you can enjoy playing your favorite game types in a varied array of settings. Why not fly through mine tunnels, inside pyramids, or weave your way through large supports or corridors?

Get close to the ground to charge up your boost bar faster, and use the environment to shake off the enemy hot on your tail. Run the gauntlet and see who comes out on top...



With a huge core drill supported by thick cabling and powered with four separate power-stations, the Dirtbox is a noisy, tight mess of machinery and dust. No other map is as concentrated or as exciting to navigate at its center. Dirtbox can be split into three distinct areas:

  • The Core Drill is surrounded by supporting cabling and power lines that offer great cover and an opportunity for the pilot to loose or even kill a less daring enemy.
  • The power lines come in from the outer edge of the map and offer linear cover from the Core Drill to...
  • The Power Stations has huge, smoke belching chimney stacks as well as supporting structures and tunnels to navigate. This is the fastest map in the game.



At the center of a vast featureless desert lies an untarnished vision of Ancient Egypt. Pharaohs is fine mix of vast exposed areas and tight internal and partially covered flyways. This map can be broken into five areas:

  • The central plaza offers good high level cover in the form of the great obelisks there.
  • The under plaza is a power-up laden tunnel system with four entrances from the plaza above.
  • The minor pyramids contain speed boosting power-ups that offer the pilot a means to quickly and safely navigate through these great structures.
  • The Great Pyramid has the most entrances and a feast of power-up available to pilots with moxy enough to get in there.


The Red Mines

The Red Mines is an old abandoned mining settlement whose name is taken from the red staining on the tunnel walls that make up a vast underground theater of destruction. Pilots can take their craft deep into the heart of the mines itself if they dare to grab some of the more lucrative weapon systems hidden in its depths. The map is split into three distinct areas:

  • The Western Settlement is characterized by a huge sinkhole that leads into the mine itself.
  • The Eastern Settlement is characterized by a high level tunnel entrance that leads to a downward spiraling tunnel.
  • The Mines themselves are a maze of tight tunnels that only the most daring pilot would venture in to.



A long forgotten outpost that has been shrouded in mystery. Shambhala is a very open map with a huge wall that circumnavigates the play area.

The real ace pilot will attempt to use these walls to their advantage as it offers cover from enemy coming from the left or the right as well as having speed boosting power-ups littered along its length. Indeed, if a pilot wants to get from one side of this area to the other they should take to the walls for the shortest, safest trip.



A dramatic tour-de-force of blazing fire and brimstone heralds the coming of the volcano. Within it's deep rumbling crater lies a vast magma chamber that spells death to anyone who touches the molten rock at its center. This chamber has four entrances:

  • The crater itself is opened to the skies and offers a safe means of entry into the volcano's heart as the craft will be masked by plumes of smoke.
  • The north and south-east entrances are a tough slalom of superheated rock.
  • The south-west entrance is a double magma tunnel that crosses over itself as it winds its way to the blazing core.


The Old Gods

(Added post launch as a free content update)

The Old Gods map is set in a far eastern fishing village that is overshadowed by an ominous looking skull temple with eternally burning eyes. The blue-green water and sunshine are in stark contrast to the temples shadowy presence and the broken, ruined temple that lies under the maw of the vast skull hewn from the living rock.


Aces High

(Added post launch as a free content update)

A docking-bay in the sky, this map will push DogFighter Pilots to their limits and beyond! Yaw, Pitch and Roll your way through gangways, walkways and trim those flight-paths chaps, as this level, above all others, demands the tightest headings and angles of attack.


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